About Wildwood Bluebells

Our bulbs and seed are guaranteed 100% pure native British Bluebells, Hyacinthoides non-scripta. Be wary of some other suppliers—many sell Spanish Bluebells, or hybrids. We have a licence which allows us to raise the protected native species commercially.

Wildwood Bluebells are located in some of the last remaining ancient woodlands of the Conwy Valley in north Wales, where bluebells have thrived since the last ice age. They now thrive in our raised beds.

Bluebells after rain
Wildwood Bluebells
Wildwood Bluebells bulbs

Seed and bulbs of various ages

We offer the usual mature (4yrs +) bulbs and seed. We also make 3 and 2 year old bulbs available—these smaller bulbs will take one or two years respectively to reach full flowering, but offer a significant saving over four year old bulbs. By combining bulbs of various ages, and even seed too, larger areas can be planted up in a more cost-effective way. Examples of this can be found on our cultivation page.

Save time and money

Planting a combination of 2, 3 and 4 year old bulbs will save you money and still get quick results. Seed, which offers great value if you are willing to wait at least four years for decent flowering, can be sown instead of or as well as bulbs.

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Path through the bluebell wildwood
Wildwood Bluebell close-up
Germinating Wildwood Bluebells